Two Important Partners Of Our “VOCOFDRIVERS” Project, The Authorıtıes Of The General Dırectorate Of Prıvate Educatıon Instıtutıons Of Mınıstry Of Natıoal Educatıon And TŞOF, Came Together To Evaluate The Project Works

TŞOF, the coordinator organization of the project, and MoNE General Directorate of Private Education Institutions, who are responsible for the driver vocational qualification certificate (SRC) trainings and are important partners of the project, met at MoNE on 15th October, 2020. In the meeting, the “IO 1- Profile of Drivers Employed in the Road Transport Sector and Training Expectation Analysis Joint Report” and “IO 2- Professional Competence Map of Commercial Vehicle Drivers” prepared within the framework of the project were reviewed. In addition, the general course of the project was evaluated and suggestions for future activities were made.