Newsletter 2


Dear reader,

The aim of this document is to update you on the different actions we have been carrying out in the Erasmus+ Increasing of Vocational Competences of Commercial Vehicle Drivers, Project VOC of DRIVERS/2019-1-TR01-KA202-074813.

This document will provide you with basic information about the project and the activities that the partners have carried out in this from March 2020 to August 2020. Despite the difficulties generated by the COVID-19 pandemic situation.


In this phase the laws governing cab, minibus and bus transport in the partner countries (Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland) have been compiled, including the different professional qualifications and permits that the driver must have.


IO1– Interviews have been conducted with taxi drivers, minibus drivers, bus drivers, companies in the sector, taxi and bus driver trainers. At the same time he target groups have been asked to fill in a questionnaire with 13 questions, used to determine the characteristics (age, sex, training) and the needs of the people targeted by this project.

By evaluating the results of surveys conducted in 4 partner countries (Turkey, Italy, Spain and Germany) and in the associate country Switzerland, the driver profiles and the area and qualification where training is needed have been compared. Partners have produced national reports, we have produced a international report. From the international report, recommendations, form the basis for the development of future training modules.

In the driver group we found ages between 18 and over 56 years, most of the respondents were men.

Among the driver trainers, representatives of the training centres and employers are mostly over 45 years old, except in Turkey where they are younger.

Existing legislation and interview surveys have been used to develop the IO2 Competence Map

IO2- This competence map establishes the learning outcomes to be produced by each training module to be provided as on-line training we are working on. For this training, we have created 7 areas and 14 modules, which will have units of learning, knowledge, skills, competences for taxi, minibus and bus drivers. The areas we are working on are:

  • Eco Driving Vehicle Technology
  • Taxi, minibus and bus regulations (operating the service)
  • Health and road safety
  • Passanger transportation – basic notions
  • Economic environment and transport organization
  • Provision of service
  • Local Legislation


The next meeting is scheduled for 8 and 9 October in Berlin (Germany), although we are watching the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this project, we are continuously in contact through  communication technologies such as e-mails, online meetings and of course by phone.

Some of the participants of the Online meeting on August 31

You can follow the results of the project and the news through our website: