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This newsletter offers you up-to-date information on the range of activities we have undertaken under the Increasing of Vocational Competences of Vocational Competences of Commercial Vehicle Drivers, Project VOC of DRIVERS/2019-1-TR01-KA202-074813.



Our project has completed its 1st year. Two important intellectual outputs have been finalized in this process. Efforts were put forth specifically to secure timely progress despite the pandemic. The transnational project meetings, planned to be held face to face in the original scheme, were replaced by 3 Skype meetings (on 7th July 2020, 5th August 2020, and 5th November 2020). All project partners took part in these meetings. The pandemic has necessitated certain activities of the project to be conducted online. The pandemic played a supportive role for the goal of our project, as its main goal is to allow for the use of digital materials.

Our project partners always keep in contact through e-mails, online meetings, and, of course, mobile technologies.



IO1- The first output of the project, “Joint Report on the Profile of Drivers Employed in Road Transport and Analysis of Training Expectations”, was completed through the coordinating role of the Federation of Drivers and Motorists of Turkey (TŞOF) as of the end of September 2020. The process has completed the translation of the report into other languages.

The report includes the profile, competences, training, and certification of drivers employed in passenger transport, as well as the use of digital materials in training, e-learning practices, and relevant working terms and conditions, etc. The report also covers a part on a training needs analysis to be carried out through interviews and an online survey. The information gathered through such actions provided a basis for the other outputs of the project (developing a competence map and training curriculum, developments of e-materials, and execution of pilot training activities). This report will contribute to the benchmarking of the practices in partner countries and the development of common competences, a training curriculum, and digital materials as per the EU standard.

IO2- The second important output in the project was the identification of common competences for drivers involved in passenger transport in partner countries. The activity was coordinated by CNA and was implemented through each country identifying their own competences, which were compiled to identify the common competences. These competences were placed into a competence map. The levels in the vocation were designated with due consideration for the European Competences Framework. The map was formulated through the population of the following headings: Field, Module, Unit, Learning Output, Knowledge, Skill, and Qualification The competence map of 14 modules in 7 areas is available in “Outputs” on the project Website (

IO 3- The third output of the project is currently in progress under the coordination provided by Training 2000. The 7 fields and 14 modules in the competence map were distributed among the partners, each of whom has started to develop 2 interactive e-materials with respect to the modules in their responsibility. Care is taken in this process to ensure that the e-materials are correctly developed, presented in a contained number of slides, and supported by videos and pictures. In addition, self-evaluation quizzes are provided. The create interactive material the H5P tool was chosen for its interesting features: it is mobile friendly, it is free, it can be used to create, share and reuse rich interactive content on the web.

This activity is still on-going.

Some of the participants of the 3rd Skype Meeting held on 5th November 2020


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