We have achieved another important step in the ” Increasing of  Vocational Competences of Commercial Vehicle Drivers Project”, which we carry out within the scope of the EU’s Erasmus+ Program. We held our 5th and 6th Skype Meetings on March 1, 2021, May 6, 2021 and June 17, 2021 with the participation of partners’ representatives. Skype meetings play an important role in monitoring and evaluating the project, as the face-to-face transnational project meetings of the project were postponed due to the pandemic.

The activities of our project are going on where different organizations related to the transportation and education sector from Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, are partners of the project. First of all, a profiling and analysis study was carried out on the urban passenger transport sector. Subsequently, a competence map consisting of fields and modules with common competences valid at EU level was created.

In the third stage, each partner was held responsible for the preparation of interactive e-materials (training and testing) for a certain number of modules. The partners prepared e-materials in English for the modules they are responsible for, using the h5p platform. Now, the phase of translating e-materials into other project languages continues.

Interactive training and testing materials prepared in the final phase of the project will be tested on drivers and driver trainers in partner countries. News about our project is regularly shared with the public on our website (https:// http://vocofdrivers.tsof.org.tr/ ) and our Facebook account (vocofdrivers).